26 January 2007

For the most recent version of the dc-chain script, use the SVN repository. Links to the older scripts will be kept here for historical reasons.

25 January 2007

This should have been posted over two months ago. It was released during my final exams, though, and after that I was just too lazy to post it. Anyway, Harley released version 1.5 of his buildcross script. Here are the changes:

26 September 2006

Harley releases them faster than I can post them. Here are the details the new release, version 1.4:

There was actually a 1.3 release; I just didn't have time to get it posted here before this release. As usual, here is the direct link — http://stalin.thegypsy.com/old_scripts/buildcross-1.4.tar.bz2.

Version 0.3:

Logging is improved thanks to a suggestion by Gavin Shelley.

Log files will be created for every build process. For example when gcc for sh4 is built a log file will be created named 'build-gcc-[sh4_target].log', sh4_target being the sh4 target you specified.

I hope it works for you. If you can suggest any changes or additions send them to: james dot sumners at gmail dot com.

This script is very old. I recommend that you use one of the scripts in the next section.

Other People's Build Scripts